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Voucher Program

This program refers our Angels (students) to the doctors in our network.  Within the Davey's Angels Network, all students are referred to local Optometrists.  For those who don't have access to vision insurance, our Foundation will provide a voucher to cover the payment of the eye care they receive, to include comprehensive eye exam, glasses, contract lenses, fittings, etc. to ensure the future success of our Angels.


Storm Program (Events)

We will manage collaborative Events with key influencers in underserved areas (LA, Miami, Chicago, etc).  Together with local Network doctors and Industry Partners, we will provide free eye exams, glasses, etc for students associated with specific organizations (Youth Athletic Clubs, Athlete Foundations, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc).   Educational information will also be provided to parents regarding the utmost importance of early detection of visual issues as they relate to improved performance in the classroom.


Storms Plus (Coming Soon)

Davey's Angels is excited to be working with a technology partner to deliver a state of the art solution for rapidly assessing our Angels.  This technology will provide a digital assessment, automated referrals to our Network doctors and allow the Foundation to exponentially increase our outreach across the nation.


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